Management Team

1752x347 Core Team
  1. Vijay Kulkarni, Chief Promoter, is an Accountant with a 23 years career in dairy farming related industries in the Middle East, with all-encompassing experience of working on world-class projects. A farmer himself by family tradition, he has a thorough understanding of the different worlds (setting up world class projects, funding them and understanding ground realities in India). World dairy industry leaders have lauded his brilliant project concept and his perseverance.
  2. Ali Marwan, Farm Manager, has 18 years of experience (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai and China). In this capacity, he had managed a herd size of 3,000+ Exotic, Purebred HF Cows in those farms. Mr. Ali has also authored several papers and books on dairy farming and agriculture.
  3. Dato’ Ramesh Rajaratnam, Financial Advisor, is a Chartered Accountant and a businessman ( with business interests in Malaysia, Australia, USA and Canada. He brings forth his corporate experience of working with PricewaterhouseCoopers for 23 years, to this project.
  1. Sivananthan Rajadurai, a senior consultant gynaecologist and businessman from Malaysia, advises the project in terms of scientific progress, animal husbandry and health aspects.
  2. M. Thirunavukkarasu, an ex army officer and a financial planner and Business Development Director, who has extensive experience in the personal financial planning space  and in raising finances for small scale industries.
  3. R. M Belkune, professor of structural engineering from IIT Mumbai, who brings his knowledge in Engineering to the construction of the civil structures in the project.
  4. Sampat Yadhav, M. Tech (Bio-technology), was an assistant Professor of Bio-technology in Walchand College of Arts, Science , Commerce and Bio-Technology (India) for  ??Years . From June 2014, he has been running his own consultancy practice for the setting up of new Bio-Technology Labs for various Engineering and Science Colleges. He is also an astute investor who has in his portfolio  investments in Motels, Agriculture  and Dairy Farm  related businesses.