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Leading the Modernisation of the Indian Dairy Industry

Our Farm

Unnati Manz Biotec Dairy Farm Pvt Ltd is an ongoing latest state-of-the-art Integrated Biotech Dairy Farm Project at Jewali (District of Osmanabad) Maharashtra, India. The company's management philosophy, envisaged product quality and multi-directional integrated nature makes this, a one-of-a-kind project that will spearhead the modernisation of the massive Indian dairy industry. Renowned world dairy industry leaders and experts have already visited our project site and have lauded this project for its visionary concept, meticulous execution and overall synergistic community benefits.

The main components of the farm project are

  • Cattle Farm
  • Dairy production and processing Plant
  • Biogas and Power Generation Plant
  • Feed Processing Plant

Additional complimentary components and possible JV Tie ups

  • Fisheries
  • Spirulina Farm
  • Mushroom Farm

Integrated Dairy Activity

It is an integrated Indian dairy farm that undertakes the crucial functions of animal rearing , milk production, processing of its own milk and markets milk & milk products. Unlike most other dairy farms in India which only procure and process milk from other farms.

We are an industrial corporate entity that will manage the entire integrated dairy functions

  • Animal Rearing
  • Milk Production
  • Milk Processing
  • Manufacturing value added products
  • Marketing & Distribution

Key Attributes

Ultra-modern Dairy Farm of High-yielding, Crossbred Holstein Friesian Cows
Herd Size: 2,500 Cows in 3 years (Year 1: 900, Year 2: 1,500, Year 3: 2,300 Cows)
State-of-the-art Rotary Type Milking System (Cutting-edge Technology from Europe)
Latest Herd Management Software from Europe.
Fully Automated PLC Based Milk Processing Plant Ex-Pune (for milk and all product lines)
Animal Feed Plant for high nutrition, protein valued complete feed ration with TMR Feed mixer wagon

Producing the highest quality milk at par with international standards of hygiene

  • Processing ONLY Farm Captive production
  • On-Line Chilling (in <1 minute) ensuring a “Raw Milk” Quality, with Bacterial Count of less than 10,000/ml (compared with raw milk procured by other dairy plants which has more than 20,000,000 / ml due to delayed chilling / processing)
  • 100% Fresh, Biological Milk (NOT recombined or re-constituted milk made from powder)
    Processing only “Good Milk” (of healthy cows) and disposal of “Bad Milk” (of sick cows)
  • Unique Packaging to ensure, enhanced product shelf life – 3 times longer than others
  • Maintaining Cold Chain,“Farm to Fridge” Delivery System through our own retail outlets and delivery trucks.
  • Stringent quality control and meticulous testing of and conformity with all quality parameters of International standards by reputed third party international inspection agency on a daily basis.

Our project, facility, processes and products will fully comply with:
EU (European Union) norms
ISO 22000
HACCP standards

Unnati Dairy Farm will be the first farm in India to be Accredited with International Standard Organisations

Our Biogas Plant

State-of-the-art Bio-Gas Plant (totally based on Anaerobic Digestion process) featuring

    • Power Generation (for in-house requirement)
    • Bio-Methanation (surplus up-graded methane used as fuel for the farm implements)
    • CNG Bio-Fuel Plant (in Phase-II CNG bottling plant to be inducted for total green fuel)
    • High Quality solid & liquid Organic / Bio-fertilizer & Soil Conditioners (in large quantities)