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Unnati Dairy


Since the 1950’s, India’s dairy market has seen steady growth, picking up significant traction with each passing decade. In the early 1990’s, global players such as Danone, Lactalis, Kraft, Nestle, and Hatsun began to enter the market. Milk production is projected to reach 200M metric tons by 2018, of which 75% will be produced for domestic consumption and 25% will be produced for export. The dairy market in India alone is expected to grow at 16% annually and reach $155B by FY 2020!

Over the past decade, India has seen a substantial rise in per capita income and purchasing power parity. With increasing access to information the Indian population is becoming more health and product conscious, embracing milk-based products for health related matters. The increasing preference for value-added milk products has also fueled demand for milk production.


Rajesh Babu, Director at Lok Capital, a leading impact investor who has participated in the dairy sector, expressed that:

From an investor’s perspective, what’s most attractive about the dairy sector is the coming boom in dairy products. Historically, the sector has not seen a great deal of product diversification, but with the enhancement of technology, distribution networks, and branding there has been an increase in the variety of milk products, which will fuel the growth of the sector


Moreover, an aging population that views milk as a vital protein source, coupled with the fact that approximately 29% of the India’s 1.2B population is vegetarian, makes milk and milk-based products highly sought-after sources of protein. Moreover, infrastructure has evolved to encompass systems and processes that are designed to safely transport and sustain dairy products. The increase in technology for production, distribution, and marketing is helping to create market linkages. This trend is indicative of the tremendous opportunity that awaits, as more of the unorganized dairy sector comes into the organized sector, which, from 2011-2015 grew at 22% annually.

*Source ” Dairy Sector Investment report 2017- By Unitus Capital”

These statistics present a significant opportunity to the astute investor keen to capitalise on a booming growth sector of the economy.

Currently we still have  a a small tranche of unallocated equity  that can be subscribed. These are the last remaining block of pioneer equity priced attractively and can be purchased in blocks of 10,000 shares . The astute investor can expect to receive a decent  ROI net of taxes based on dividends alone once all aspects of the farm is fully operational in about 1 years time.

These pioneer status equity shares  are unique, in that they will command  a higher return above all other categories of  shares as they will have a profit sharing stake in all of Unnati’s future ventures both  in India and abroad. As this is just the 1st flagship farm of an operation which is slated to roll out franchises all over India and in other Asian countries it represents a significant opportunity for the clever investor to participate in a highly dynamic and fast growing sector in the Indian economy.

Based on our projections Unnati is slated to reap a pretax profit of USD 5 Million in our 3rd year of operations alone and a total of USD 20 Million between the  4th to 7th year of our operations. This can possibly translate to a hefty dividend yield in those years for the astute investor who seizes the opportunity  and becomes our pioneer equity shareholder and comes along the journey with us

Given that the dairy market in India alone is expected to grow at 16% annually and reach $155B by FY 2020,  our objective of listing Unnati in the Indian stock exchange has a high degree of certainty , making  this is an opportunity not to be missed as the potential for capital gains on the share price,  when we go listing in about 5  years time,  will also be significant.

Investing with us at such a late stage represents a relatively short waiting period of 1 years from which to realise  both income and capital gains on your investment. You will be hard pressed to find another similar opportunity anywhere in the world.

Currently we are in talks with various parties to seal a significant Funding deal to help us complete and expand to markets in Bangladesh,  Malaysia and  Indonesia and  there would be significant uptick in our share price offering  once that is concluded.

We would also welcome any enquiries on collaboration  in establishing joint ventures both within India and abroad. We are also looking for well placed strategic partners who are willing to work with us  to move  and grow this  venture   to a much a grander scale  to  be able to make a larger socioeconomic impact in India and abroad.

For more information on  how to capitalise  and not to loose out on this limited private share offering please contact  us by email.

Contact :

  1. Vijay  ,  Email : vijay@unnati-dairy.com, Mobile : +91 9881504355
  2. Thiru ,  Email : thiru@unnatidairy.com, Mobile : +65 94551676


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